Taking a Moment

It’s been a little while since I was able to sit down and focus and write on the blog. It’s been the holidays with the children running around and my head has been in too many different places to make much sense to myself let alone others reading what I put to paper!

Today I took a moment …I took the time to sit down quietly and think about what I wanted to do with the day, the things I needed to get done and also the things that didn’t. Sometimes I spend so much time worrying about all the things I should be doing I end up doing nothing constructive at all…so I told myself “Take a moment! ‘ Thats all it takes to calm your breath, clear your head and just be . No thinking about what to make the kids for tea, no thinking about what you forgot to buy at the supermarket but just be… right now…just be…..it’s so unbelievably simple yet it can feel so out of reach. We are constantly over complicating every part of our day it becomes exhausting just to be in our own heads!

So why don’t you join me? Just stop, just for minute, put down your pen or your computer, focus on your breath and notice the inhale and exhale just for a few seconds, no effort…just breathe.

Then off we go again…..x

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