Starting over..again …

Today was not a good day in the parenting world for me. Sometimes we have days that make us not only aware that we are struggling a bit but that we are truly in the thick of getting it wrong.

I’m not going to bore you with the reasons my daughters and I shouted at each other to the point the neighbours curtains twitched but I can tell you that I woke up full of the desire to have a ‘positive’ morning. I am on a ‘no shouting’ policy and have managed over 2 weeks of positive parenting without a raised voice in sight..or I should say in ear shot…until this morning….then I hit a low. A very loud shouty low.

The short version is that we all fell out round about the 15th call for teeth to be brushed and it ended with me kicking things in the kitchen out of sheer desperation because my house keys had disappeared in the middle of the chaos and we were now late..very late,

I completely lost my focus during a rant at my littlest to get herself ready and when in her true natural style she gave back what I dealt out I stopped being present ..I went in my head to a place that is judging myself, freaking out about time , angry and fractious…a place that loses keys because I am not thinking about the thing I am actually doing. 

So we were late..very late and it only showed up one thing…..I was so out of my body and in my head that everything went pear shaped. It’s ok to get it wrong – it’s ok to not be perfect! Who wants to be perfect for goodness sake!?! It showed me that if I had taken a step back, scraped my sense of humour off the floor and used it and told myself to breathe (yes I know I always say this but it’s really the key to most of life problems!) it would have been an easier start to the day.

My point is – lets give ourselves a break, we are not always going to be able to access the chilled out feeling we have in Savasana, we are going to lose it sometimes because we are human but lets look back at it and smile at our imperfections and keep putting one foot in front of the other…like after each standing pose in Ashtanga we come back to Samasthiti and we breathe and we start over. I’m starting over right now.

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